September 26, 2013

figuring it out

nashville01 I've realized that I have never truly sat down and figured out what I wanted to do with Lucky Number Seven. I have so many interests ( sometimes I think, too many ) that I feel as if I am all over the place. While I think it is perfectly fine to have a lot of interests, you also have to find your niche especially in the blogging world.

I am a visualist and so I decided to make a few lists. My first list included my favourite blogs and why. 

1. Be Up & Doing - Allie takes great photos, gives solid advice, and I feel like we could be good friends in real life. I love how she takes the time to get to know her readers in her series, Coffee Chats, and shares tidbits into her everyday life. 

2. The Fresh Exchange - Megan and Mike are the dream team. They have an inspiring outlook on life and aren't afraid to take chances. Megan has great style too. She always keeps it simple and basic which I love. Oh, and she's a hand-lettering goddess. 

3. Wit & Delight - Kate is quirky and bold. She's honest and a true inspiration. Her interior design skills are to die for. Check out her Instagram feed for little peaks into her home. 

4. Breanna Rose - Breanna is a graphic designer I look up to. She gives handy advice to those starting out in the freelance world as well as sharing awesome mixes to work and play to. 

5. Chalk White Arrow - Sara's blog is new read for me, but I was instantly drawn in by her photography. She's got a great eye for the simple and beautiful. She shares delicious recipes like this too. 

6. The Secret Life of Bee - Bee is down right hilarious. She takes breath-taking photos and is honest to the bone. She's not afraid to share her heart and to be herself. She has an amazing singing voice and sometimes shares it

nashville01 Next up, I made a list of my interests and things I like to do in my free time. 

1. Cooking & baking
2. Photography
3. Interior design
4. Music
5. Graphic Design
6. Arts & Crafts
7. Reading
8. Knitting
9. Watching t.v. 
10. Enjoying the outdoors

This list could go on and on. I'm sure. But with all of this, I am still not 100% sure what direction this blog will go in. Honestly, I am probably just over thinking it, but I want to make reading my blog worthwhile. I do know I want to work on my photography, create original content and provide the same inspiration that the ladies above provide me. So for now, bear with me until I figure it all out and thanks for reading.