July 5, 2013

Scout & Henry

scouthenry01 scouthenry02 scouthenry03 scouthenry04 scouthenry05
Growing up, we always had a cat. That is up until we moved, and then my parents made every excuse in the book as to why we could never get one. So my goal was once I graduated college and had a place of my own, I was getting a cat. In comes Henry ( Ace before we renamed him )! We got Henry from the SPCA about a month after we were married. He's a quiet soul and a loyal friend. We allowed Henry to go outside until one of Stephen's coworkers told him how dangerous it is for cats to live outside ( leukemia, cat aids, etc. ). Cue Scout! We had such a great experience with the SPCA that we decided to adopt from there again. We knew we wanted a female and for her to be around 6 months old. We spent about an hour looking at cats, but returned to Scout ( Socks before we renamed her ) each time. We just knew she was the one for us! She's got one heck of a personality and is too curious for her own good.

I couldn't have picked a better duo. They balance each other out and get along really well. Their my babies and I love them so!

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