June 26, 2013

Our Wedding Bands

ourweddingbands01 ourweddingbands02 ourweddingbands03 ourweddingbands04 ourweddingbands05 ourweddingbands06 ourweddingbands07

I believe these photos of our wedding bands were taken before we were married, and that was over a year ago now. So needless to say these photos are long overdue! I especially wanted a simple wedding band - it's more my style and I wanted it to balance my engagement ring. For Stephen, we wanted something that would hold up, because with him being an engineer, he would most likely be using his hands a lot. We ended up getting Stephen a ring made of tungsten due to it's durability and lifetime warranty. Plus, he's a nerd and was totally into it ;) We struggled finding a simple and affordable one for me, but luckily at the last minute ( the week of the wedding ) my mom offered up my grandmother's wedding band. I never got the chance to get to know my grandmother, but for me it was an honor to have it as my own. Who knows, maybe it'll become a family heirloom!  

  1. love the simplicity! and super cool that your ring's been in your family for several generations :]

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