December 3, 2013

a mix: les grandes marches

01. Trentemoller | Moan
02. Sascha Funke | Mango
03. James Holden | At The Controls - Part 1
04. Rone | Bora
05. Modeselektor ft. Thom Yorke | The White Flash
06. Ellen Allien | Sehnsucht
07. Alex Smoke | Lost in Sound
08. Dusty Kid | Cowboys
09. Nils Hoffmann | Ballons
10. Moderat | Les Grandes Marches

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(photo - lettering by me)

  1. You're so good at lettering. I've been trying with my wacom and brushes in photoshop but still haven't got the hang of it. It looks like little kid writing when I do it. Haha. Going to listen to the playlist right meow!


    1. Aw, thank you so much Rachel! It has taken much practice that's for sure. I actually find it much easier to do hand-lettering in Illustrator so maybe you should try that out! Good luck :)