November 22, 2013

happy weekend folks

After being out most of the night to see the Catching Fire premiere, I did not get the chance to put together the post I had intended on. First, that post will come Monday. Second, go see Catching fire if you haven't already. It'll blow your mind. Any who, I thought I would leave you with some things I have found inspiring this week and plan to do this weekend. Have a good one. See you Monday!

I am...

... remembering this quote by Tina Fey.
... trying this diy by Oh So Pretty.
... daydreaming of going to Italy one day.
... watching the documentary, Sign Painters.
... planning our Thanksgiving feast.

What are your weekend plans?

(photo & design by me)

  1. I want to see Catching Fire so badly, but I just don't know if I'm prepared to deal with fighting off all those other people for good seats. :) It's definitely going to happen sooner than later, though!

  2. thanks for the link love! :) and i loved victoria's DIY! i want to make my own!

    no real plans here, just keeping it lazy and low key!

  3. soooooo jelly.. tommy and i are thinking of going to see catching fire this weekend AND catching it in imax with his folks next weekend. it'll be worth it, right? loving your links!! can't wait to see your coasters :)