July 23, 2013

Mix 05: Seven Days, Seven Songs

I love singing, but only to a crowd of one - myself. You could say, I'm a bit on the shy side.....just a little. So it tends to only happen when I'm in the shower or driving in my car. This mix is comprised of some of my favourite lady singers - ones I look up to and sing my lungs out with. My friends recently introduced me to Kathleen Edwards and I am totally digging her album. It was hard to pick just one to put on the playlist. Happy listening!

( Listen on Spotify )

01. Change the Sheets - Kathleen Edwards
02. Waves That Rolled You Under - Young Summer
03. Squint - Brooke Waggoner
04. Drink the Water - Eisley
05. Shelter - The xx
06. Hercules - Sara Bareilles
07. Hometown Glory - Adele

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