July 2, 2013

Mix 02: Seven Days, Seven Songs


This week's playlist is brought to you by my high school self. It features all the bands I was introduced to and loved back in the day. A few of them are no longer together but I still listen to them all. Each artist brings back so many memories. Copeland and Mae, falling in love for the first time. Eisley, all the boys being in love with the DuPree sisters and all the girls wishing they could sing like them. Deas Vail, "discovering" them at Creation Fest. Switchfoot and Relient K, many a nights jamming out. MxPx, Stephen making me mixtapes filled with their songs. Hope you enjoy!

Who were your favourite high school bands?

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01. You Love to Sing - Copeland
02. Marvelous Things - Eisley
03. We're So Far Away - Mae
04. Light as Air - Deas Vail
05. Daisy - Switchfoot
06. Sadie Hawkins Dance - Relient K
07. First Day of the Rest of Our Lives - MxPx

  1. I totally forgot about Relient K and Switchfood! Funny. I must say I always always loved Coldplay and even went through a phase I probably knew every picture taking of them and every random fact about them ever told. Oops.

    1. haha that's funny! i was like that with Copeland. fangirling all the time!

  2. mae. classic :] i was SUPER into regina spektor and ingrid michaelson in high school!