July 19, 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice

practice practice practice practice
Like they always say, practice makes perfect. I'm trying my best to pick up our camera at least once a day. I know I have a lot to learn and for me, this is the best way. Hope my little posts of random photos won't be too annoying for you.

P.s. Stephen and I are heading to Nashville today to visit our long time friends, Chloe and Nathan! We are looking forward to exploring the city and soaking up all the goodness Nashville has to offer.

( Photos taken with a Nikon D5200 )

  1. It's so true... even things I enjoy doing, I feel like I have to force myself to do them or I'll never get it done. Practice makes perfect!

    Have fun in Nashville! I love little get-away road trips!

    1. for sure. it can be such a chore sometimes, but very rewarding in the end!