July 12, 2013

Last Weekend

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This past Sunday was Stephen's birthday. He turned the big 24! We had plans with his family on Sunday so we decided we'd spend Saturday together roaming around Charlottesville. We waited around till the afternoon to head over the mountain because our new camera was supposed to arrive. It was like Christmas in July when we opened the door and there lay the package on our doorstep. Since then, we haven't been able to put the camera down ( I have A LOT of photos to share ). I'm most looking forward to learning more and improving on my photography skills - and of course, sharing with you guys!

( Photos shot with a Nikon D5200 )

  1. My goodness - these photos are amazing! Love the shot of the mountain. If only we had views like this in Belgium! Our land is flat like a pancake though :(

    Which camera did you eventually go for? ^^ And did you make these photos with a kitlens? :O xo

    1. Aw thanks! My hometown is surrounded by mountains because it's in a valley. We ended up going with a Nikon D5200 with a 35mm lens. We are in love!

    2. Oh and the kittens in the photos are ours. Henry is the orange one and Scout is the gray one!

  2. i LOVE the quality of your photos! do share more photos :) so excited to see!

  3. Such gorgeous photos! The shot of the mountains are stunning. I wouldn't be able to put it down, either!